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La Belle Fête

La Belle Fête


Named for the golden hills of the Santa Lucia Mountain Range that frames our family-owned San Bernabe Vineyard in Monterey, Diora is inspired from “d’Or,” the French phrase meaning “golden” and bestowed on beautiful, sun-filled regions. No effort has been spared along Diora’s 30-year journey from vineyard-to-bottle. The result is an expressive wine overflowing with flavor, depth and personality and a devotion to indulgence.


Presenting the second vintage of Diora La Belle Fête Rosé of Pinot Noir, Estate Grown from our  San  Bernabe  Vineyard  in  Monterey.  This  wine  has  a  beautiful,  pale  pink  hue  and  the  indulgent style begins with aromas of fresh, ripe strawberries and notes of red grapefruit and honeydew melon that are inviting and alluring. The aromas are carried through on the palate and complemented by hints of mandarin and watermelon with vibrant acidity and an elegant medium weight mouthfeel showcasing the quality of the fruit from our Estate Vineyard. La Belle Fête means – the beautiful party in French and we hope it adds a special touch to any festive occasion. It will pair beautifully with salads, light pasta and rice dishes, especially with seafood, raw and lightly cooked shellfish and grilled fish.
– Winemaker, James Ewart


The 2020 vintage began with spring rains and moderate, cool temperatures throughout the summer, which helped the vines produce exceptionally high-quality fruit.


The grapes for this wine come from our San Bernabe Estate in Monterey. The fruit was picked from  two  main  Pinot  Noir  blocks  selected  because  of  the  uniform  red  fruit  flavors.  With  careful  canopy  management  we  were  able  to  control  vine  vigor.  The  combination  of  these  blocks provides the bright strawberry, red grapefruit, and hints of honeydew melon notes. The main  block,  planted  with  Clone  828,  produces  large  berries  with  bright  black  cherry  fruit  characteristics, while the second block offers ripe red fruit notes. The canopies of both blocks were managed to allow air movement while protecting the fruit from direct sun exposure to preserve the delicate aromas.


Our veteran winemaker, James Ewart, oversees the team and the small-lot winery built in the vineyard. Diora is the culmination of experience, patience, and an unwavering commitment to craft a signature style all our own. The Pinot Noir for this Rosé is harvested earlier in the season  when  good  natural  acidity  remained  in  the  grapes.  Picked  in  the  early  morning  to  minimize color extraction, the fruit was brought immediately to the winery in small bins. We blended a small amount of Grenache Rosé to lift the strawberry notes and to add a little weight along with a touch of aromatic Chardonnay to bring the honeydew and f loral fragrance. The palate  is  medium  weight  with  crisp  acidity.  The  majority  of  the  blend  was  fermented  in  stainless steel, while a small portion in neutral oak for a touch of creaminess to the palate. After two months the wine was bottled.


VARIETAL: 84% Pinot Noir, 8% Grenache, 4% Syrah, 3% Chardonnay < Malbec
: 100% Estate Grown San Bernabe, Monterey
AGING: ~88% fermented stainless steel, the remainder in neutral oak
PH: 3.38
TOTAL ACID: 0.59 g/100ml
ALCOHOL: 12% by volume