Indulgence Begins in the Vineyard

"Diora is a lavishly made Pinot Noir with a style all its own: rich and opulent, a robust palate of dark fruit flavors, and a long, memorable finish. Inspired by the golden hills that frame our San Bernabe Vineyard at the base of the Santa Lucia mountains, Diora is adopted from the French term "d'or", meaning golden. This wine is worthy of the name."
- James Ewart, Winemaker

Diora Now In 40 States

We are pleased to announce that Hawaii has been added to states where you may purchase Diora Pinot Noir. Just two months after releasing outside of California, by popular demand retailers and restaurants in forty states have ordered our wine. We thank you for asking for Diora.
James Ewart, Winemaker

Indulgence Begins in the Vineyard

The first sign of our grapes ripening in the summer sun appeared July 10. In nature’s annual marvel known as "veraison", our Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir grapes have begun to turn from green to red. After this point, sugars begin to build and flavors begin to develop in earnest. Winemaker James is checking daily.


Diora literally took root nearly 25 years ago. At our family-owned San Bernabe Vineyard in Monterey AVA, we replanted several of the coolest, hillside blocks specifically for Diora's richly flavored, full-bodied style. These vines are now fully mature and bursting with character. 


To make it easier to open a bottle of Diora, we have embedded within the wax seal a string "lappet". Simply grasp the lappet at the top of the bottle and pull it gently in a clockwise direction around the bottle. Voila, now just use the corkscrew of your choice. 


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Pinot Noir
Monterey, California
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At Diora, indulgence indeed begins in the vineyard.

Diora is the culmination of a 25 year vineyard-to-bottle journey at the Santa Lucia Highlands and our family-owned San Bernabe estate. San Bernabe Block 202 was replanted in the early 1990’s specifically to catch the vigorous afternoon winds that thicken the delicate Pinot Noir skins, lending extra layers of color, tannins and structure to the ripe red fruit flavors in the wine. The balance of the blend – about half – was grown in the esteemed Santa Lucia Highlands at elevated sites that produce Pinot Noir with opulent ripe black fruit flavors, underlying structure and mouth-coating texture.

After harvesting by hand, the grapes are delivered within minutes to the winery located right within the vineyard. Small lot winemaking is employed; only the finest lots – about half – are selected for the final blend. 



In 2000, Diora winemaker James Ewart journeyed from Australia wine country to San Bernabe Vineyard in Monterey. He never left.

James was intrigued by the famed vineyard’s outstanding viticultural diversity. Here, the varying terroir spaces within the same vineyard allows the distinct and delicate Pinot Noir clones to thrive, each bearing a unique expression of this enigmatic grape.

James grew up making wine at his father’s side and is one of very few winemakers to complete a graduate diploma in viticulture, following an undergraduate degree in geology and chemistry. This gives James a deeper understanding of soils - an excellent perspective to have when selecting locations to achieve the richness and vibrancy of a wine like Diora.

For Ewart, sustainable practices are paramount to quality winemaking. His philosophy is to enrich, not change, what the land expresses, respecting the balance and harmony that come when the right grape is planted in the right place.